STAT Conference 2017

Head Leeds Again!

Making Connections

STAT Conference Leeds Trinity University 21 – 23 July, 2017

Don’t miss the early bird deadline of 15th January 2017

- book and pay your deposit of £50.00 before that

           Please find all the information you will need to book for this conference on the website above.

Conference highlights

  • The conference will be opened with a talk by Herbert Steger, Chair of the Austrian Society
  • Lee Warren will host a Cabaret on Friday evening
  • There will be a variety of great workshops
  • There will also be work exchange and a ceilidh on Saturday night with award winning musicians
  • The AGM will be on Saturday afternoon, followed by the Memorial Lecture with Ilana Machover


Please refer to the Conference Booking documents for more information and for a full description of workshops


The early bird deadline is the 15th January 2017

and the closing date for booking is 12th May 2017


You can download the booking forms by clicking here.

If you have any questions, please email Pat Brown at

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Lyndsey Hayes - Social Sciences teacher
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